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AVAD Names Winners of Atlantic Technology Sales Contest

AVAD salespeople and dealers awarded for sales excellence

Van Nuys, CA–AVAD LLC, distributor of custom home electronics, and vendor partner Atlantic Technology, have named the winners of an Atlantic Technology sales contest. Awarded to AVAD salespeople and AVAD dealers, the contest rewarded excellence in sales of Atlantic Technology in-wall, in-ceiling, outdoor, and flat panel loudspeakers and subwoofers. Over $50,000 in Atlantic Technology prizes were awarded at AVAD branches across the country. The contest was open to Atlantic Technology dealers who purchased their products from AVAD.

Grand Prize Winner:
Atlantic Technology Gloss Black 8200e 5.1 THX Speaker System
AVAD salesperson Mark Cherry of AVAD Nashville, Tenn. and AVAD dealer Eugene Villanueva of Southern Security

1st Prize
Atlantic Technology 4200e 5.1 THX Speaker System
AVAD salesperson Peter Vasilopoulos of AVAD Van Nuys, Calif. and AVAD dealer Gilbert Gonzalez of Trim Line of LA

2nd Prize
Atlantic Technology FS-5000 Flat Panel Speaker
AVAD salesperson Merlin Love of AVAD Sacramento, Calif. and AVAD dealer John McCutcheon of Mountain Millwork Co.

3rd Prize
Atlantic Technology FS-4000 Flat Panel Speaker
AVAD salesperson Shawn Dixon of AVAD Chesterfield, Mo. and AVAD dealer Bill Fitzgerald of Streib Electronics

4th Prize
Atlantic Technology AW-424 All Weather Speakers
AVAD salesperson Mark Smith of AVAD Taunton Mass. and AVAD dealer Bill Suga of North Country Hi Fi Design
AVAD salesperson Eddie Santibanez of AVAD Dallas Texas and AVAD dealer Rick Spring of Home Entertainment Systems
AVAD salesperson Steve Squires of AVAD Beaverton, Ore. and AVAD dealer Steve Zaikoski of Intelligent Community Services
AVAD salesperson Mark Hoffmann of AVAD Elk Grove Village, Ill. and AVAD dealer John Musser of Digerati Designs
AVAD salesperson Michael Fraser of AVAD Van Nuys, Calif. and AVAD dealer Alex Vyborg of Speaker Guy
AVAD salesperson Chris Larkin of AVAD Houston, Texas and AVAD dealer Boyd Purkis of Relative Sound
AVAD salesperson Richard Gedeon of AVAD Avon, Ohio and AVAD dealer Robert Gruber of Sundance, Ltd.
AVAD salesperson of AVAD Shane Snyder Nashville, Tenn. and AVAD dealer Tyler Hooks of NAV Computers

“These awards recognize those who took the initiative to drive sales for Atlantic Technology,” said Bob Gartland, president of AVAD. “Its a way to recognize our salespeople and dealers who put in the extra effort on AVADs behalf.

AVADs sales team and dealers bring incredible strength in our sales efforts, said Atlantic Technology vice president of sales and marketing Chuck Kittelson. We will always recognize individuals who help drive the growth of Atlantic Technology. Big thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, dedication and follow through.