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Avical Expands Calibration Service

Avical is bringing its calibration and consulting service to video system manufacturers. This service combines the company’s knowledge of video systems, gleaned from years of experience calibrating and specifying systems, and an understanding of consumer and dealer needs for performance and features.

Avical consulting services for manufacturers combine its two areas of expertise. Using state-of-the-art technology and industry standard testing, Avical tests each product in a non-biased lab setting, using the results and systems knowledge to evaluate and interpret the display’s performance. Working with the manufacturer’s design and marketing teams, Avical creates a product plan to improve system performance and marketability, which benchmarks performance to industry standards and provides the manufacturer with the insight to target specific needs of dealers and their clients.

“With years of experience calibrating a myriad of different systems and specifying theater and video systems for dealers and consumers the next logical step was to bring our expertise and insight to the manufacturers of these systems,” cofounder and president of Avical, David Abrams said. “Our unique depth of knowledge of how video systems are used by dealers and their clients provides a manufacturer the opportunity to create product with more consumer value, ultimately leading to higher profitability and market awareness.”

Dealer Services Expand Nationwide
In conjunction with the expanded services for manufacturers, Avical is also offering its core calibration and specification consulting services for dealers nationwide.

“The popularity of home theaters continues to grow,” Abrams said, “and the demand for our services grows along with it. Dealers across the country can now partner with Avical to provide consultation and calibration services for their video system projects, ensuring accurate video reproduction.”