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Avocation Systems Unveils Matrix Router Recycle Program

The company's products will now include return shipping labels to help dealers recycle older models.

Avocation Systems has launched its packaging recycling program for matrices. Every matrix shipped will include a return shipping label that allows the dealer to return the shipping package back to Avocation to be recycled. The dealer simply has to tape up the box with the foam packaging inside and place the return label on it. The next time their UPS driver delivers a package they can hand over the return to the driver.

Avocations President Richard Reisbick explained, Each matrix router is packaged in a protective foam packaging to ensure that it will get to its destination intact. This foam will usually end up in a landfill somewhere and we are determined to help prevent that from happening. By supplying a shipping return label with each unit we are encouraging our dealers to ship back the foam packaging to us at Avocations expense for our foam vendor to recycle. Avocation Systems recycles over 90-percent of our waste created by our manufacturing processes and we see the matrix foam packaging as a necessity however we would like to see it also be recycled.