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Azione Appoints Séura CEO and SurgeX Sales Director to Board

Gretchen Gilbertson and Jimmy Paschke Join Azione Unlimited’s Board to Represent to Help Guide the Group’s Future

Azione Unlimited has appointed to Gretchen Gilbertson, ceo of Séura and Jimmy Paschke, director of residential sales for SurgeX, replace Jason Sloan of Dana Innovations and George Walter of Rayva, on its boad of directors. Sloan and Walter have held board positions since 2011.

Azione’s business model strategically positions dealers and vendors as equal members. As such, both are represented equally on the Azione board, which is comprised of five vendor members and five dealer members.

“It’s an honor to be elected to serve on the board of a visionary organization dedicated to strengthening relationships among custom retailers, integrators, and manufacturers,” Gilbertson said. “Azione has adopted a refreshing philosophy to be different. I’ve valued its unique approach to solving problems together and commitment to driving profitable growth for all its members. I’m eager to work together with the board and management team to deliver on Azione’s compelling mission, and I hope to bring a passionate commitment and insightful perspective to the team.”

Jimmy Paschke shares a similar sentiment, saying, “I’m proud to serve on the board of such a prestigious organization, singularly devoted to the growth of the CI industry and the success of its dealers and manufacturers. I look forward to strengthening relationships with Azione dealers and connecting with our membership at a deeper level to educate and inspire the Azione member community.”

Responsible for helping guide the future of the group, the Azione board is appointed by the membership, and each appointee serves a three-year term.

“Jason Sloan and George Walter were talented board members, integral to Azione Unlimited’s growth and accomplishments over the past seven years and they deserve all our thanks. It’s been an honor to have them on our board,” said Azione president Richard Glikes. “As we enter a new chapter, it’s exciting to have Gretchen Gilbertson and Jimmy Paschke join the board as the next stalwart stewards of Azione’s success.”