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Azione Unlimited Adds Five New Dealer Members

Azione Unlimited has added five new dealer members, bringing the total number to 120.

Azione Unlimited (AU) has added five new dealer members, bringing the membership total to 120. Four of the five have never before been in a buying group.

The new members are Acoustic Vision, of Missoula, MT; Interior Technologies, of El Segundo, CA; The Appropriate Connections, of Gilroy, CA; The Audiohouse, of Vero Beach, FL; and AVC Technologies, of Tampa, FL.

The group is focused on delivering performance and value. Dues are $750 per quarter and vendors have enjoyed 24 percent growth year-over-year on average. Monthly newsletters and webinars combined with two free, three-day conferences annually, provide Azione members benefits to enhance their business skills.

“Our goal is to create a ‘captive market’ with 250 dealers,” said Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “Imagine that our vendors could come to us with products and not need additional distribution to satisfy their sales requirements. We have a particular niche and we attract a certain type of dealer. Ninety-three percent are integrators and 85 percent have never been in a group before. They are thrilled with the friendships, savings, and learning that we happily provide.”