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Azione Unlimited Appoints Patrick McCarthy as Interim Director

Has served as the group’s director of new business development and member services for more than five years.

Azione Unlimited has appointed Patrick McCarthy as its interim director.
Patrick McCarthy

Azione Unlimited has appointed Patrick McCarthy as its interim director. With a proven track record of over five years as the director of new business development and member services, McCarthy steps into the role following Richard Glikes’ 13-year tenure as president and chief creative officer, who now serves as a senior consultant for the group.

During his tenure as interim director, McCarthy will actively contribute to Azione Unlimited’s search for a permanent director, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of potential leaders to secure the organization’s best future.

“Patrick is the ideal leader to guide Azione Unlimited through this period of significant evolution,” says Andy Orozco, Nationwide Marketing Group’s SVP of custom integration. “His deep understanding of our operations, market dynamics, and the unique needs of our members makes him uniquely qualified to lead our group through this next phase. Patrick has been a critical part of Azione’s success in recent years, and we have full confidence in his ability to lead us into the next chapter.”

McCarthy’s leadership is characterized by a strong emphasis on collaboration within Azione Unlimited and its sister buying groups, Oasys and Ellipsys. He will work in close partnership with key organizational partners, including Caryn Daugherty, VP of operations, and Maxi Hohl, marketing manager, to ensure the smooth progression of all day-to-day activities and larger projects.

“I am honored to assume the role of Interim Director at such a pivotal time for Azione Unlimited,” says McCarthy. “I look forward to building on our solid foundation of success and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together. My commitment is to lead our organization to new heights of excellence, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to deliver unmatched value to our members.”

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