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Azione Unlimited Elects New Dealer Board Members

Joining the board are Nick DeClemente of Elevated Integration in New York and Paul Ostrin of Unlimited Integration in Texas.

Azione Unlimited has announced two new dealer board members and one returning vendor board member. The Azione Unlimited board consists of five dealer members and five vendor members that amplifies the association’s mantra that dealers and vendors are equals. These talented individuals are tasked with creating ideas to generate profit, developing resources in nascent categories, and act as a sounding board among their peers.

The newly elected dealers are Nick DeClemente of Elevated Integration in New York and Paul Ostrin of Unlimited Integration in Texas. Ron Callis, CEO of One Firefly, was reelected for three more years.

“I love to surround myself with smart people,” says Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “Nick and Paul are very astute integrators and represent a new generation of thinkers in our industry. I also tip my hat to Ron Callis, whose marketing prowess has distinguished him and elevated our dealers’ presence through his cogent business acumen.”

Azione Board of Directors

Since Savant him recommended for membership in 2016, DeClemente has been an integral piece of the Azione Unlimited organization. He has spoken to the dealers at numerous events about focusing sales on a short list of vendors to generate additional profits.

“I am honored to have been elected to the Azione Board,” says DeClemente. “My team and I have found such tremendous value in being part of the Azione family. ‘Share, Trust, Prosper’ is the core of the Azione member experience, and the Azione team always delivers. I am excited to be part of the board that will help drive and continue to develop that member experience and make us more profitable!”

Joining in 2015, Ostrin has always been well respected among the group as a leader and a great communicator. His ability to distill complex situations and create actionable results make him a natural fit for the Azione board.

“Joining Azione was a defining moment in the growth of my company, and it’s very special for me to have the opportunity to provide some input on the growth of Azione Unlimited,” says Ostrin. “I’m incredibly excited to have been chosen to join the board, and I look forward to contributing to and learning from this amazing group of people.”

Ron Callis, having served three years on the board, “has been a fantastic addition,” Glikes remarks. “The board felt that we couldn’t go another three years without him. His understanding of the marketplace and the needs of the dealers has resulted in wonderful websites, powerful vendor campaigns, and elevated our understanding of the new digital frontier.”

The current board now includes:

  • Richard Glikes, President & Founder, Azione Unlimited
  • Jeff Brewer, Vice President of Sales, Sonance
  • Ron Callis, CEO, One Firefly
  • Gretchen Gilbertson, Co-founder & CEO, Seura
  • Daniel Nilsson, Director of New Business, Barco Residential
  • Alex Camara, CEO, AudioControl
  • Al Reinhard, Principal, AHT Global
  • J.W. Anderson, President, The Integrated Home
  • Ryan McDaniel, President, One-Touch Automation
  • Nick DeClemente, President, Elevated Integration
  • Paul Ostrin, President, Unlimited Integration

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