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Azione Unlimited Expands to Canada

Azione Unlimited offers Canadian integrators updated vendor programs, creating a network of dealers across North America.

Azione Unlimited has ventured north of the border to Canada. The goals set out by the group will create Canadian-specific vendor programs while bolstering a broader support network for all members of the group. The concept was also encouraged by current American vendor-members who are looking to expand into the new markets.

According to Azione, this marks the first time a United States-based buying group will formally approach the Canadian market.

“Azione Unlimited excels at being an association that has mastered the art of idea sharing and the science of strong vendor programs — and we intend to maintain that reputation as approach the Canadian market,” says Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “But what I think really makes this a prospering partnership is a mutual benefit from both parties. Canadian dealers will welcome an abundance of business guidance, networking opportunities, and growth potential. Additionally, both our dealer and vendor members can work with a brand new audience of top-tier members to spark new ideas. It’s simply a win-win.”

The multi-staged effort will begin by locating premier Canadian dealers and revamping current vendor programs to complement market presence.

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