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Azione Unlimited Italy Contest Motivates Dealers and Vendors

For the third year, Azione Unlimited has created a contest to motivate dealers and vendors by rewarding addition of vendor lines, growing business with vendors, and supporting group initiatives.

Developed to cultivate relationships within the association, Azione Unlimited is hosting its third incentivized trip for dealers and vendors with an escape to Italy. The goal of the trip is to encourage Azione Unlimited dealers and vendors to invest within the group, rewarding those who make the most significant commitments with an all-expense paid getaway. In turn, this has motivated dealers and vendors to generate more mutual growth, produce increased profit with industry partners, and add even more value to the robust association.

“Not only does a contest like this get people excited, but it helps build better relationships within our group and make the group more profitable,” says Azione Unlimited president Richard Glikes. “Azione Unlimited provides a host of extensive offerings like training and deep vendor programs that make businesses grow. We always encourage our dealers to take advantage of that. In turn, our Italy trip further highlights those offerings and benefits the members that are taking full advantage of what we have to offer by rewarding them with a destination trip.”

The trip provides five vendors and five dealers to bring a guest on a six-day, five-night journey that drinks and eats its way throughout Rome, Florence, and Siena. It includes wine tastings, walking tours, and exploration of ancient Italian landmarks. Azione Unlimited’s previous all-expenses paid trip have brought members to Aruba as well as the Turks and Caicos islands.

For vendors and dealers to win the trip, they are measured in four distinct categories: adoption, engagement, excellence, and growth. Satisfying criteria such as adding new lines, attending training sessions, or achieving specific growth milestone earn dealers and vendors more opportunities to attend the trip. The contest reflects Azione Unlimited’s continued growth, currently awarding over 850 tickets between both members and vendors, with an almost 100 percent participation rate.

The full six-day, five-night itinerary can be viewed at

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