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Azione Unlimited Launches Collaboration, Communication Initiative

Azione Unlimited (AU) has launched a Slack channel exclusively for Azione partners.

Azione Unlimited (AU) has launched a Slack channel exclusively for Azione partners. The channel connects Azione vendors and members, promoting the exchange of information, ideas, business tips, and more. By using this dedicated channel, integrator and manufacturer members can ask questions, discuss issues openly, and gain valuable insights from other dealers. 

Likewise, Azione partners gain valuable insight into how specific products are performing in the field, the types of projects being specified and installed, and what features might be desired on future products. Through the channel, dealers and vendors alike can share their challenges and triumphs, and continue building the sense of community, and strengthening the relationships formed at the Azione Spring Conference[http ://] held this March in San Antonio.

To launch the Slack channel, the organization recently hosted a live introductory webinar to help integrator and vendor members become more efficient, timely, and communicative on the platform. After just one week of operation, the channel is already home to 25 Azione Member channels, 46 Azione Vendor channels, and is home to 195 associates that work for Azione members.

“Through our Slack channel, our integrator and manufacturer members can share ideas and get to know each other better, further strengthening the bonds of the Azione family,” said Richard Glikes, president of AU. “But with the information and knowledge we’ve provided, we’re confident our members and vendor partners will use Slack not just to stay up to date on Azione news and information, but to streamline communications and project management within their own organizations.” 

Access to the group’s Slack channel is available to all Azione members and vendor partners and is accessible through the Slack platform or the Slack app for iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices with approved credentials.