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Azione Unlimited Launches “Connected Cluster” Initiative

Azione Unlimited recently rolled out its new initiative called “Connected Clusters”.

Azione Unlimited recently rolled out its new initiative called “Connected Clusters”. The cluster program provides a summit- like platform for dealers to continue the idea and knowledge sharing, motivation, and energy that is cultivated at Azione’s semi-annual conferences.

Members have often complained that they come off of the “sharing high” they get from conferences with no recourse. This new program allows dealers to experience that positive energy in a different format. The 157 Azione members have been divided into 13 cluster groups, with each group comprised of 12 dealers geographically disseminated throughout the country. Dealers will meet, via tele-conferencing, every four to six weeks to engage with other dealers members; sharing knowledge, ideas, challenges, best practices, and other relevant topics they have chosen. The program is intended to further cultivate camaraderie; broaden members’ business and industry knowledge; develop better operating procedures; and provide ongoing support, inspiration, and motivation to each other. Connected Clusters embodies the principles of the group’s mantra, “Share, Trust, Prosper”. 

Richard Glikes, president of AU, remarked, “It’s amazing how pumped up the dealers are to ‘lock on to one another’ in a spirit of openness while probing, sharing, and giving advice. Our members each have strengths and weaknesses. This is a vehicle that allows them to shore up their weakness and share their strengths. This may turn out to be the best thing we do as an organization.”