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Azione Unlimited Launches Document Sharing Initiative

Azione Unlimited has created a Document Sharing Depository (DSD).

Azione Unlimited (AU) has launched a new sharing initiative. Members expressed a need and desire to share business policy documentation. As a result, Azione created a Document Sharing Depository (DSD). The depository will be a collection of critical business materials that can be shared and utilized by other members. Dealers must “give to get,” i.e. contribute something in order to utilize the resources others submitted.

The submissions are intended to be anything that helps a business run more smoothly. Some examples of the shared resources are various contracts, agreements, employee handbooks, company polices, employee standards of conduct, vehicle policies and practices, on-customer-site best practices, employee etiquette, and many more. The plan is to extrapolate the best from all submissions to create a collection of a la carte resources that are complete and can be modified and customized. Azione also intends to utilize these resources to create a model agreement/contract and employee handbook that members can use.

This initiative follows closely behind the recently launched Connected Cluster Program, which was designed to provide an additional forum for members to continue the idea and knowledge sharing throughout the year. Groups of 12 dealers located throughout the country meet, via teleconference, every six weeks for a “think tank” summit to exchange ideas and best practices.

“Like the Connected Clusters and Azione’s free semi-annual conferences, the new DSD Document Sharing Depository program embodies the principles of the group’s mantra, ‘Share, Trust, Prosper’,” said Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “Dealers are making each other smarter, better organized, and legally sound. We are stronger together.”