Azione Unlimited Launches RMR Program

Buying Group Aims to Simplify Service Contract Sales
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Azione Unlimited (AU) has introduced a Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) program for its members. A committee comprised of Azione members developed a turnkey set of plans, best practices, and programs for dealers looking to generate RMR from service contracts.

For three months, Evan Marty and Stuart Rench of Ihiji, along with Haley Patterson and Bryce Nordstrand of Access Networks met with 16 dealers of varying demographics in multiple small group sessions. Based on these findings and their expertise, Azione Unlimited is providing dealers with a blueprint for a successful RMR program.

The Azione Unlimited RMR Program features pricing models that include 10 different service package options; dealers can select the packages that best meet their clients’ needs. It also provides marketing materials for print and web that includes contracts and package details.

“We have been working on devising a plan that would be universal in pricing and scope while being easy to adopt for the better part of two years,” said Azione Unlimited president Richard Glikes. “With the help of our vendor partners and team members, we have a program that can be tailored to each dealer’s specific client based understanding the nuances of each trading market. Dealers will choose a ‘good- better-best selection,’ that being three plans of the 10 that have been formulated. In addition, contract language and market materials will be provided to ensure high quality and excellent adoption. This final process was conceived with the objective being ‘What is right for the client?’”