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Azione Unveils Framework for Three-Year Plan

Azione Unlimited (AU), the education/buying group for custom retailers and integrators, has unveiled its framework for its three-year plan.

Azione Unlimited (AU), the education/buying group for custom retailers and integrators, has unveiled its framework for its three-year plan.

Spearheaded by George Walter of Digital Projection, at the spring conference in St. Louis, members discussed their vision for Azione Unlimited’s future.

Walter commented, “Dealers and Vendors really wanted to see the Azione Group set new standards for what could be achieved if both worked together as a team. To do this, we felt we had to have a business plan that would define executable goals with tangible benefits for both parties. With that in mind, our plan is based on five key areas.”

The five committees have both dealers and vendors serving on each.

Business Analytics – chaired by David Daniels, Co-CEO of Xssentials, Aspen CO. This group will use analytics to compare and contrast business performance against the industry and dealer member standards, provide group data about key performance indicators, build metrics for dealers to have a competitive advantage and analyze financial and operating trends.

Operations – chaired by Eric Bodley, Vice President and GM of Perfect Path. This group will develop standards for members to create consistent proposals and bids that will result in competitive and profitable sales, manage projects according to best practices in project management, and provide product forecast predictions to Azione vendor members based on the collective data from members.

Marketing – chaired by Will Pisula, GM of Encore Audio Video, Portland, OR. Goals of this committee include increasing dealer’s marketing efforts to drive sales of vendor product lines, allow vendors the ability to offer branded marketing asset that dealers can utilize vendors, and use the strength of the group as a way to negotiate cost-effective marketing opportunities.

Training – co-chaired by Richard Glikes, president of AU and David Chace, president of Training Allies, Collegeville, PA. Goal is to develop training resources to drive sales of vendor product lines thus increasing revenues for both dealer and vendor members, help dealers and vendors gain a better understanding of the most effective training techniques and expand the means by which vendors can provide key educational resources to dealers efficiently and cost effectively.

– chaired by Kevin Lambidonis, CEO, DES, Inc Rogers, AR. This team will explore ways to increase vendor efficiency through better forecasting of equipment fulfillment needs and increasing margins through specialized purchasing techniques.

“The talent that abounds on both the dealer and vendor member teams is a resource that we are harnessing to create an organization with crystal clear direction and a pathway to extraordinary profitability for all parties. Great people make great companies,” said Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “Our committees will meet monthly and report their incisive ideas and cogent suggestions at our upcoming fall conference in New Orleans, September 10-12.”