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Beam Adds Central Vacuum Hose Management

Central vacuum system owners now have an alternative to the traditional and sometimes awkward 30-foot hose with the Beam (Booth 1309) Q PowerTeam, which is equipped with a new EasyReach retractable, electrified hose that stores within itself.

“Homeowners love their central vacuum systems and the improved indoor air quality they get from a central vacuum, but they want more convenience, versatility and easier storage,” Beam product line manager, Brian Campbell, says. “The Beam Q Power Team with the EasyReach Retractable Hose delivers all three.”

Unlike hose management products that require inside-the-wall installation and separate hoses for each inlet valve, the Beam Q EasyReach hose can be moved from inlet to inlet. The outer hose is only 13 feet long. When more hose length is required the user can release an inner hose to reach the full 30 feet. A simple push of a button on the handle then restores the hose to its 13-foot length by using the suction of the central vacuum system to retract the inner hose.

The EasyReach hose also is the only portable retractable hose that can operate an electric power brush. It also offers unmatched cleaning versatility.

With three levels of height adjustment the Beam Q PowerTeam assures the highest level of carpet cleaning effectiveness. Convenient on-board tools and a QuickRelease wand system make the Beam Q not only the quietest, but also the easiest to use central vacuum power team available.

The Beam Q PowerTeam with the EasyReach Retractable Hose is available from nearly 800 independent, installing Beam dealers throughout the U.S.