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BenQ Debuts Image Refinement Technology

BenQ has introduced a new digital image enhancement technology called Senseye that automatically improves image contrast.

Irvine, CA–BenQ has introduced a new digital image enhancement technology called Senseye that automatically improves image contrast, color, and sharpness on the companys LCD monitors, LCD TVs, and multimedia projectors

According to BenQ, Senseye technology is driven by three “engines” that affect an image. First, a Contrast Enhancement Engine adjusts the quality of bright and dark portions of an image. Unlike other display technologies, with Senseye, changing the contrast of one portion of the image does not affect the other parts, only the one corrected. Second, a Color Management Engine analyzes image data to adjust one color without affecting the others. Previously, when one color was altered, all colors were affected. Third, a Sharpness Enhancement Engine sharpens and defines an image by correcting any jagged or blurred edges.

“The simple objective of developing the Senseye technology was to make our display technology more responsive to the full potential of the human eye and offer image quality with the essential clarity, depth and richness for impeccable viewing,” said Andrew Weis, product line manager for LCD monitors of BenQ. “Products enabled with Senseye evaluate the input signal and adjust each one of the objects within the signal individually, thereby delivering a more life-like viewing experience.”

Senseye provides five viewing modes including two different movie modes, a photo mode, a standard mode and a demo mode. One movie mode is best for dark movies and video viewing, which recreates the atmosphere of a movie theater. The other movie mode is for films and content with brighter pictures, such as nature documentaries or sports games. The photo mode enhances picture and photo sharpness, and eliminates blurring of the image. The standard mode is ideal for normal browsing and reading documents with its toned-down screen, making it friendlier for extended viewing.

Also, according to BenQ, the demo mode was designed to give resellers a method of illustrating the additional value of Senseye to a potential customer.

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