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BG Rebrands to BG Radia

The change has been made to offer consumers and trade a clearer way to identify, remember and pronounce the companys brand name.

Carson City, NV–BG Corp has unveiled a new name as well as a logo change for their premium brand. To simplify usage for all, the company has formally changed its brand to BG Radia though they recognize that many will still use BG for simplicity. The new BG Radia name will offer consumers and trade alike a clearer way to identify, remember and pronounce the companys brand name.

BG Radias new logo will retain the straightforward, clean look with the letters B and G, separated by an attractive spire and will now have a lower case radia underneath. The familiar, warm purple will remain as the brands official color. A complete transition from BG to BG Radia covering all the companys printed materials and electronic media is anticipated to take several months

Commenting on the name change, CEO Warren Kocmond stated, In our fourteen year history, our company has gone by many names from Bohlender-Graebener to Radia to simply BG. Though many will still refer to us as BG, and that would be perfectly fine, we felt that formally adding our premium line of Radia to the brand name would help tie it all together.

Kocmond added, Though our corporate name is now BG Radia Corp., the marketplace is welcome to use BG Radia or continue to simply call us BG. Either way, we remain totally dedicated to offering the worlds finest ribbon-based loudspeaker solutions.