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B&K Returns to Custom with 7 New SKUs

After a six-year hiatus from the market, the iconic brand, B&K is returning this fall under new ownership.

After a six-year hiatus from the market, the iconic brand, B&K is returning this fall under new ownership. 

Barry Wosk, president B&K AV Ltd., says B&K has been re-imagined as a brand, with the new company really focusing on the integrator channel. B&K has always been known for high-quality electronics at reasonable prices, and the “new” B&K will be “laser-focused on the custom channel.” 

As Wosk stated, “We will never sell on the internet. That is a promise. Not now, not ever, anywhere in the world.”

B&K’s IZA-2.50Based on dealer feedback, B&K will innovate products that meet specific market needs, and have a small number of must-have SKUs, beginning with four amplifier offerings and three soundbars. The new products won’t feature any published retail pricing, rather integrators will set pricing for their market. 

To create best-in-class performance, B&K has partnered with world-class designers and manufacturers like Triad and Amplifier Technologies (ATI).

Among the products announced include the IZA 2.50, which is being billed as “the world’s slimmest CI amplifier. Measuring an ultra-slim 17 mm deep, this amp is designed to fit behind wall-mounted, flat panel TVs, however remain fully featured. The IZA-2.50 utilizes class D technology to deliver 2×25-watts with the stock power supply or capable of delivering 2×50-watts with an optional larger power supply. This amp will be 3 ohm stable to drive multiple speaker pairs, and feature A/B switching for easy multi-room integration. For maximum versatility, the amp includes analog, digital, and speaker level inputs, and can downmix 5.1 channel signals to 2.0 on digital. Also unique in this category is supporting discrete IR and bi-directional IP control, with drivers being available for all leading automation. 

The SCA 2.100 is designed to take advantage of the Sonos craze, allowing you to dock a Sonos Connect directly into the top of the unit with a Sonos-matching white finish. The class D amp has 2×100-watts of power and is 3 ohm stable. It also features selectable stereo or L+R mono.

The company is also launching two new multi-channel amplifiers, the MRA 16.75+ multi-room amplifier and the HTA 7.150 home theater amplifier. The MRA 16.75+ claims to be the world’s first multi-channel amp with different power levels. It features 75-watts on 12-channels and 150-watts on four channels, which is ideal for driving high power areas needing more volume like outdoor audio.

The HTA 7.150 is said to be “the best sounding multi-channel amplifier anywhere near its price.” Featuring 150-watts per channel, the amp is 4 ohm stable, and features a fully balanced topology with balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs on all 7 channels. Both amplifiers feature class AB designs and are being made in the USA by ATI.

The products in the line-up include three new passive soundbars. The models PSB 2.36, 2.43, and 2.48 will be 2-channel, left/right in 36, 43, and 48-inch widths. The bars are designed for secondary audio zones and meant to integrate with the IZA 2.50. A notch in the back of the bars holds the amplifier without adding any additional depth. Available in three fixed lengths with five grille options, the bar is designed to match the most popular display sizes/brands, will include a universal mounting bracket, and feature a 5 year warranty.