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Black & Decker Adds New Connectivity Partners

Las Vegas, NV — During International Security Conference and Exposition (ISC West) here this week, Black & Decker has announced new partnerships for control integration with its line of electronic motorized locks. Both Home Automation Inc. (HAI) and iControl have signed agreements to integrate their control systems with the Black & Decker technology.

Black & Decker was already working with other market leaders in the home automation and security industries such as AMX, Control4, Crestron, DSC, and Exceptional Innovation, among others.

In the case of HAI, Black & Decker’s electronic motorized lock throws the bolt and provides the ability to lock and unlock doors via that control system manufacturer’s OmniTouch Touchscreens, consoles, and keyfobs. HAI’s secure remote access software also facilitates control from a computer, Smartphone, iPhone, or BlackBerry.

“The HAI and Black & Decker partnership applies new meaning to the phrase, ‘Peace of mind,’” explained HAI president, Jay McLellan. “For the first time, you can know that a door is actually locked, and not just closed.”

Black & Decker’s residential access control solutions feature two-way functionality where the door lock can directly control HAI security and automation functions, and vice versa. Homeowners can arm the home security system when the door is locked and disarm the system when the door is unlocked. Likewise, HAI systems can be configured to automatically set lighting, music and temperature based on the code used to unlock the door.

Intended for use in new home construction or retrofits, Black & Decker will utilize ZigBee and Z-Wave wireless protocols for the Baldwin and Kwikset home door lock brands.

Similarly, iControl’s collaboration will allow homeowners to remotely and wirelessly control Z-Wave equipped Baldwin and Kwikset brand door locks with the iControl Stay Connected solution via any Web-enabled device.

“This integrated solution is unique in that the Kwikset and Baldwin locks feature electronic motorized deadbolts which allow homeowners to not only monitor the status of their door locks remotely, but actually lock or unlock them directly from their Web-enabled mobile phone or the Internet without a person physically touching the hardware,” said Jason Williams, senior product manager, Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement.

Remote access control is a key feature delivered by the iControl Stay Connected solution, the home management platform utilized by security companies to offer interactive services that extend the traditional security system feature set to include:

  • IP-Enabled Security – broadband and cellular-based “always-on” network connectivity between the security system and central monitoring station.
  • Remote Management – mobile and Web connectivity for personal monitoring and control of Kwikset and Baldwin brand door locks, security, lighting, video, energy access, and more.
  • Interactive Video – live video and event-based video clips and pictures viewable via mobile phone or the Internet.
  • Real-time Notifications – “Always connected” event-driven e-mail or text message notification with video clips and picture attachments.
  • Consumer Experience – Attractive widget-based interfaces that are simple and easy-to-use.

“Home devices that used to function independently can now interoperate seamlessly via our open architecture, and deliver a much more compelling value proposition for homeowners,” said Greg Roberts, vice president of marketing, iControl Networks. “Not only can consumers remotely control locks from the Web or mobile phone, but unlocking your front door also automatically disarms your security system, turns on the lights, adjusts the thermostat and much more.”