BlackWire Launches Third Party Automation Marketplace

Extends Tech Support to Third Party Products
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BlackWire Designs has launched an integrated marketplace for third party home automation developers who are interested in having their software or products sold and supported through BlackWire's website. BlackWire is launching the marketplace with five partners and plans to add more developers and their products over the course of the next few weeks. The BlackWire Marketplace launch partners include HTI Customs, Greenfield Solutions, HopSoft, Two Hour Lunch, and Manfell Services.

Each of these vendors offers a variety products and specialized experience that will be backed by BlackWire’s years of sales and dealer support.

BlackWire will provide extended support to dealers for these products and has started to implement complementing tools and features into their website. Earlier this month BlackWire launched a Slack channel where BlackWire dealers can instantly chat with BlackWire tech support or chat with other dealers about issues they may be having in the field. BlackWire has also updated its licensing system to notify dealers on software updates and allow dealers to manage their company's license inventory.

"These new tools are great for getting important information to dealers quickly and without friction," said BlackWire CEO Kevin Luther. "We want to use our years of support experience to help both dealers and developers work through issues quickly…”

BlackWire is starting its Marketplace with Control4 drivers but will also be able to support URC, RTI, Elan, Crestron, and Savant drivers or modules.

The BlackWire Marketplace can be found integrated into the BlackWire website.