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Boston Acoustics and Denon Cross Promote

Boston Acoustics and Denon Electronics are planning a major consumer cross-promotion for the holiday season, called “Big Sound. Big Savings.”

The promotion gives Denon and Boston Acoustics dealers an opportunity to offer customers a wide range of complete home entertainment systems for specific needs and budgets, based on their in-store product assortment.

In the two-tiered bundle promotion, which runs through January 16, retailers who carry both Denon and Boston Acoustics products will receive manufacturer incentives of up to 25 percent to pass along to customers who purchase any one of nine advanced Denon A/V receivers combined with a select Denon Blu-ray disc player, select Boston Acoustics surround sound loudspeaker package, or both.

Holiday Home Entertainment Options
The Build Your Own Home Theater holiday cross-promotion offers a range of Denon and Boston Acoustics products geared towards every lifestyle, need, and budget, enabling consumers to find products to complete and upgrade their home entertainment systems.

The promotion offers two basic discount options. In the first option, dealers receive 25 percent savings to pass along to customers who purchase a participating Denon home theater A/V receiver in combination with both a Denon Blu-ray disc player and a Boston Acoustics 5.1 loudspeaker package.

In option two, dealers receive 20 percent savings to pass along to customers who purchase a participating Denon home theater A/V receiver along with either a Denon Blu-ray disc player or a Boston Acoustics 5.1 surround sound loudspeaker package.

“Big Sound. Big Savings.” Promotional Materials
The holiday promotional materials for retailers feature the prominent tagline “Big Sound, Big Savings,” highlighting the 20% and 25% savings available on Denon and Boston Acoustics combination systems.

Denon and Boston Acoustics will support the campaign with a variety of electronic promotional materials, including animated web banners. The companies will also provide an outbound email template and print-resolution versions of the web banners for dealer use in circulars and other printed materials.

The promotion will also be advertised prominently on both the Boston Acoustics and Denon websites and supported with an outreach to the owner’s clubs of both companies.

In addition, a specially created landing page will explain the offer in full and feature a list of participating Denon and Boston Acoustics dealers.

Senior VP of sales and marketing for Boston Acoustics and Denon, Joe Stinziano, noted, “This promotion significantly expands the range of components from both Denon and Boston Acoustics available for discounts, adding not only our high-performance Denon Blu-ray players, but a range of loudspeakers options from Boston Acoustics that will literally satisfy any surround sound system need, from the most elegant furniture-quality systems to hidden in-wall and in-ceiling options. These programs are our way of supporting our valued retail partners, and we’re looking forward to helping them significantly increase sales and generate excitement this holiday season.”

Eligible Denon and Boston Acoustics Products

• Denon Home Theater Receivers models:
AVR-590, AVR-890, AVR-790, AVR-990, AVR-1610, AVR-1910, AVR-2310CI,
AVR-3310CI, AVR-4310CI., AVR-4810CI

• Denon Blu-ray player models:
DBP-1610, DBP-2010CI, DBP- 4010UDCI.

• Boston Acoustics 6-speaker (5.1 surround sound) loudspeaker packages:
SoundWare XS 5.1,
Classic Series (including new CPS Wi wireless ready subwoofers),
Reflection Series,
All in-wall speakers,
All in-ceiling speakers,
P Series,
Bravo Speakers.