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Boston Acoustics and Denon Cross-Promote

Peabody, MA and Mahwah, NJ — Boston Acoustics, and Denon Electronics have formed their first joint consumer cross-promotion, which is scheduled for this summer.

In the three-tiered bundle promotion, which will run from June 28 through August 9, retailers who carry both Denon and Boston Acoustics products can provide substantial savings to customers who purchase any Denon AV receiver in combination with certain premium five-piece Boston Acoustics surround sound loudspeaker packages (including the Classic Series, Classic Series Home Theater Package or VS Series).

As part of the promotion, consumers who purchase a Denon receiver along with five Boston Acoustics Classic Series loudspeakers can receive either a free Boston Acoustics Classic Series Sub10 subwoofer or significant savings off their order, depending on which of three package offers they purchase.

The movie-themed summer campaign, featuring the tagline “Coming to a Home Theatre Near You,” will be advertised prominently on both the Boston Acoustics and Denon websites (, and supported with an outreach to the owner’s clubs of both companies. In addition, a specially created landing page will explain the offer in full and feature a list of participating Denon and Boston Acoustics dealers.

Joe Stinziano, senior VP of sales and marketing for Boston Acoustics, noted, “this first-ever Boston Acoustics-Denon cross-promotion is our way of supporting our valued retail partners this summer by offering an easy and effective way for them to attach premium Boston Acoustics loudspeaker sales to Denon AV receivers. Retailers can provide exciting and affordable solutions to their customers for dramatically upgrading their home entertainment systems. Both Denon and Boston Acoustics products separately offer tremendous performance. Together, they offer an unrivaled home theater experience. This cross-promotion gives our retailers a powerful opportunity to tell that story this summer – and generate sales.”

For maximum consumer appeal and retail sales flexibility, the Boston Acoustics-Denon cross-promotion provides retailers with three separate offers for their customers, each tailored to specific customer tastes and home entertainment needs. They include:

Promotion 1 – Classic Series (Free Subwoofer): Discriminating consumers who want to experience Boston Acoustics’ high-quality, high-performance Classic Series, with all the power and sonic impact of a world-class subwoofer, will find this offer appealing. Customers who purchase any Denon receiver along with any five Classic Series speakers at participating retailers can receive a Classic Series Sub10 subwoofer for free.

Promotion 2 – CS2310 Home Theater Speaker Package ($250 Sub Discount): Customers looking for all-in-one convenience combined with high-quality surround sound can opt for this offer. Those that purchase any Denon receiver in combination with a Boston Acoustics CS2310 5-piece Home Theater Speaker Package from participating retailers will save $250 on the Boston Acoustics CS2310 package.

Promotion 3 – VS Series (50 percent off a VPS 210 subwoofer): This offer features Boston Acoustics’ new flagship VS Series loudspeakers. Customers who purchase any Denon receiver, along with any five Boston Acoustics VS Series speakers at participating retailers, may receive a Boston Acoustics VPS 210 subwoofer for 50 percent off the retail price.

The companies will support its summer campaign with a variety of movie-themed electronic promotional materials, including animated “Coming Soon to a Home Theatre Near You-styled” web banners (gif format) in convenient sizes. The companies will also provide an outbound e-mail template and print-resolution versions of the web banners for dealer use in circulars and other printed materials.