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BrandSource Stores Offer Deal for Circuit City Credit Card Holders

Anaheim, CA — BrandSource, a marketing group for more than 3,000 locally-owned appliance, electronics, bedding, home furnishings, and floor-covering stores across the country, is offering millions of Circuit City credit card holders a $25 gift certificate and a zero-percent interest program for 12 months on their Brand Source purchase when these customers mail in their Circuit City credit card.

The group, which includes custom installation firms across the U.S., combines the purchases of all member stores, giving it $11B buying power. Circuit City recently declared bankrupcy and its stores are undergoing liquidation.

Circuit City credit card holders can mail their card to Brand Source, or bring it into a Brand Source store to receive the $25 gift card and no interest for one full year.

“These are challenging times and consumers should not have to figure out where they have to look for their next purchases,” said Brand Source CEO Bob Lawrence.

The offer appears on the Brand Source website. Brand Source stores also have received copies of ads to run in local markets during the offer.

This promotion is a follow-up to a Brand Source offer to accept Circuit City gift cards in markets where Circuit City had closed stores.