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Capitol Adds LeakSmart to its Selection of Networked Products

LeakSmart brings advanced leak and flood protection by shutting off water mains within five seconds.

Capitol now offers the complete line of LeakSmart products to its customers throughout the U.S.

LeakSmart is on a mission to protect every home and family from catastrophic water damage caused by devastating leaks and floods. To that end, when LeakSmart senses a leak, it shuts off the water main in less than five seconds, protecting homeowners from devastating water damage and notifying them via the LeakSmart app. Homeowners simply place LeakSmart sensors in basements, garages, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and around HVAC units for whole house protection.

Recently, the company introduced LeakSmart Snap, a shut-off valve control that installs without tools or the need to cut into the main water supply. Homeowners can extend protection during power and WiFi outages with the new LeakSmart Hub 3.0, with built-in WiFi and a battery back-up Zigbee system hub that works even when the internet and power is down.

LeakSmart recently won a CEDIA Best of Show award from Residential Systems.

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