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Capitol Sales Selects Zektor to Expand HDMI A/V Distribution Category

Capitol Sales has selected Zektor Incorporated to expand its HDMI audio/video distribution category.

Capitol Sales has selected Zektor Incorporated to expand its HDMI audio/video distribution category.

“Capitol and Zektor have been in discussions for the past year during a time when we have greatly increased our product offerings in HDMI distribution products. Capitol is the perfect fit for Zektor. Both companies offer a high level of service, knowledge and support, not just another place to get products. Zektor has been creating absolute differentiators when it comes to HDMI distribution products,” said Jeff Haynes, CEO of Zektor. “An example of our differentiators is the newly released Palladia® series which combines the features from our ProAudio series of DSP preamp audio matrices with our field proven, rock solid HDMI core providing a compelling solution that works with all major control systems.”

“Zektor strives to add every requested feature from our valued integrators and control partners,” commented Zonn Moore, founder and CTO at Zektor. “We are proud to have created a product that a professional integrator can match to the control system of their choice offering features and elegance that is on par or better than the largest brands in the industry. All of us are truly excited about the opportunity this new partnership brings to both companies.”

“Our business is rooted in the belief that customers should receive the best tools for any assignment. Zektor’s HDMI audio/video selection is among the best in the business,” said Curt Hayes, Capitol’s president and CFO. “With the need for bullet-proof HDMI solutions growing every day, Zektor is on the front line with products that are consistently reliable, in every imaginable configuration. They’re a great addition to Capitol catalog.”

“Zektor is completing engineering on many more products to be released through the end of Q1 2014 that will continue to make Zektor a compelling consideration for any install. When you consider their almost zero return rate, competitive pricing and advanced warranties, it makes it a very easy line to sell,” said Tony Lo Presti, president of Network Sales, Zektor’s rep for the Great Lakes territory.

“Zektor is fortunate to have a terrific rep network across the USA and growing internationally,” added Haynes.