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Cary Audio Launches Customer Service Center

Cary Audio has introduced a new online service for its customers.

Cary Audio has introduced a new online service for its customers.

By going to the company’s website, a Cary Audio owner can interface with the new Service Returns software to automatically generate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for repair and/or upgrades and modifications to their products. Once an RMA is established, customers can get real-time status of their products at any time.

To initiate the process the customer will select the “Support” pull down menu tab at the top of any page, and go to “Service Returns.” In the first visit, the customer will need to select “Create New Account” to set up a user name and password. Once the account is set up, the customer can then click on “Open New RMA” to begin entering the information to create an RMA that is needed to return a product for repair, upgrade, or modification. At any time thereafter, the customer can log in and select “View My RMA’s” to track the progress of work on the component. The customer will also receive automatic feedback providing them with detailed information for every stage throughout the entire process.

Included in the new Service Returns software is a Support Center, where a “Knowledge Base” button will take a Cary Audio owner to a section on the program in order to provide further information about possible upgrades and service bulletins for their particular product. There will also be an ongoing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to answer questions about the company’s services, how to use them, and updating any service information for future upgrades and modifications.