CasaTunes Releases New RTI Driver

Enhanced Driver Designed to Improve CPU Efficiency, Adds New Features
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The CasaTunes’ new RTI driver allows dealers to use multiple ways to set up controls for changing currently controlled rooms and music players, and selecting and displaying music. 

CasaTunes has made updates to the RTI driver to improve CPU efficiency and adding new features.

Dealers now have the ability to create an attractive UI for browsing music albums in their collection. It displays cover art, and using visibility variables, can pop up on top of the text-based browse list. By changing the number of rows and items in a row, users can set up a grid or carousel and use the scrolling tool to quickly scan through their music collection.

After a thorough evaluation of memory and CPU usage on the XP processors, CasaTunes modified the RTI driver to make it more efficient while keeping the speedy UI response. Using the XP-3 processor to create the worst-case scenario, designers created a project with more than 20 control devices. When they were done, they found the latest version, V3.15, runs from five to 10 times more efficiently than the old version.

Other features include “Boolean Variables,” which shows when a selected source is connected to a selected zone, and improved searching capabilities from bringing up a keyboard when searching in Slacker.

The updated RTI driver can both be found on the CasaTunes website.