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Case Study: Hidden Technology in a Desert Oasis

A Nexus 21 drop-down TV provides the cool factor for a stunning Arizona luxury environment.

The dry Arizona climate is ideal for outside living. With low humidity and minimal bugs, homeowners can enjoy their outdoor areas year-round. When homeowner Ted Bainbridge, CEO and president of Build Magazine, decided to build his own house in a scenic area of Scottsdale, he knew he wanted to enjoy both his views and current technology.

“We love to entertain and we’ve always got company,” says Bainbridge. “And so, we wanted a vibrant outdoor place to live.”

Case study of a Nexus 21 drop-down TV in an Arizona home.
According to the homeowner, it was important to have a screen in this outside space that did not impact the overall design or distract from the view.

Establishing the Ideal Setting

According to project architect Scott Carson, the goal was to design a home that blurs the lines between inside and outside and also allows for entertaining and simply being with family and friends. However, the biggest challenge he needed to overcome was also the advantage the location boasted: abundant sun.

“In Arizona there is always a challenge on how the sun is mitigated in the summer months,” says Carson, who is the founder of Cosan Studio. “The views on the lot were to the West, where the sun is setting. Utilizing the latest software, we were able to see how the sun would play on the structure and provide covered patios and overhangs that help to protect and provide shade to the home.”

Carson explained that in the plan, the home slowly emerges as first a stucco mass and then a large monolithic stone wall before the front entry opens to view. Two art galleries flank the front entry door and allow for a brief glimpse into the home and the art on display. Once the front door is opened, visitors see a view of the mountains.

“Then you realize the magic of the site and the way the home is placed on the lot,” adds Carson. “The home unfolds and the views are exposed the deeper you go into the residence.”

Making a Statement

The interior floors seem to flow outside into a natural stone that mimics the interior porcelain almost exactly. The home’s architectural stacked stone and stucco surfaces create a simple aesthetic inside and outside the home, allowing the windows and doors to take center stage.

For a complete living area that feels just as comfortable as the inside space, designer Kristin Hazen of Kristin Hazen Design established multiple seating areas adjacent to an elegant pool. These include a simple dining area, a larger lounge space, and more intimate seating around a fire element. Each of these are illuminated thoughtfully at night, allow views of the sunset, and enjoy some shade during the hot daytime hours.

“Space was limited but we were able to work in so many resort-style features and amenities on just a smaller scale,” says Hazen.

While completely hidden in the ceiling when desired, the most impactful luxury element in this outdoor space is the Nexus 21 drop-down TV lift. This motorized TV lift is secreted away when the surrounding views need to be enjoyed, but at the command of an iPhone app or with a nearby iPad, it elegantly drops down to the perfect viewing height in the lounge seating area.

Case study of a Nexus 21 drop-down TV in an Arizona home with a closer look at the TV.
Tucked away into the ceiling when the surrounding view demands center stage, the Nexus 21 model CL-65e is the ideal solution for these homeowners to enjoy watching sports outside.

“This is the cool factor for everyone that comes to our house,” says Bainbridge, adding that they have three TVs in the great room visible from outside, and then 40 feet away is the crown jewel, a 65-inch TV housed in a Nexus 21 motorized drop-down TV lift — all of which comes together as an ideal setting for watching sports. “We must sit outside at least five days a week and watch TV.”

This TV is positioned in the Nexus 21 model CL-65e. This model was designed for high ceilings and homeowners looking for a more flexible viewing experience. It can be installed in the ceiling framing or bolted directly to the ceiling surface, requires only 7-5/8 inches of vertical space for in-ceiling installations, and accommodates TV sizes up to 65 inches wide.

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Connected to the home’s Crestron system, the TV is easily controllable. Installing the unit itself was also easy, even though not all parties involved were initially familiar with the product. The quick installation and the final result convinced everyone involved to recommend Nexus 21 again.

“TVs are an important part of the homeowner’s lifestyle, and incorporating TVs on the exterior can be problematic,” says Carson. “However, the Nexus 21 lift was the perfect solution.”

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