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Case Study: The Work-From-Home Theater

Pro Control and Cobb Home Innovations elevate a home theater designed for entertainment and work.

The home theater typically is a place to relax and enjoy a movie, but one Tennessee homeowner wanted to up the ante to make his home theater fit for work presentations, too. The quest was to take the home’s original home theater and upgrade it for easy operation no matter how the theater was being used — business or pleasure. Working with AV integrator Cobb Home Innovations, they elevated the system with Pro Control.

Pro Control - Cobb – WFH Theater - Presentation

“In the WFH shift, customers are maximizing their home’s use, with some rooms pulling double duty,” says Hugh Cobb, founder of Cobb Home Innovations. “Switching between the room’s uses can get complicated quickly. With Pro Control, we can make it simple while ensuring affordability and a great experience.”

Pro Control - Cobb – WFH Theater - Remote

Getting the existing home theater to that point, however, would require some work and new equipment. The old home theater was past its prime and much of it was either no longer working or hard to use. Cobb Home Innovations worked with the client to roll out an AV design that would give the home theater a facelift for its new double life. This included a 9.2 Martin Logan surround sound speaker system enabled with Dolby Atmos feeding to a Yamaha receiver, a high-brightness Epson projector, and a Lutron lighting system. Video sources include Roku and a cable TV box. Everything is hidden out sight behind the wall Cobb built for the Screen Innovations projector screen.

Pro Control - Cobb – WFH Theater - Equipment

The Pro Control system coordinates every aspect of the room, ensuring that no matter who is using the space and how it is being used, it’s simple, fast, and enjoyable. From the Pro Control app, remote control, or using voice commands, the homeowners can create the best viewing and listening experience, whether watching a movie or conducting a presentation.

Pro Control - Cobb – WFH Theater - Side

The remote’s touchscreen keeps everything simple. They can select their video source — cable or streaming — or if doing a video presentation, wirelessly cast to the screen. The Pro Control processor also gives them the ability to quickly set up the sound system and lighting to deliver the best experience based on what they’re watching. Unlike a typical home theater, the lighting can be dialed up for presentations.

Pro Control - Cobb – WFH Theater - Back

“Elevating the home theater experience is extremely simple with Pro Control, even in this case, where they wanted functionality that’s not typical,” says Cobb. “Doesn’t matter what you throw in there, we could all manage it all through Pro Control.”

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