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Catalyst AV Sees Record Growth in 2016

Catalyst AV has reported a business growth of 23 percent for year-end 2016.

Catalyst AV has reported a business growth of 23 percent for year-end 2016.

“Catalyst AV had a terrific year, we opened two new warehouses, we hired 10 people, we had a group increase in business of 23 percent, and by far it was a record year,” said Helge Fischer, executive director.

Dan HaightFischer cited internet products and the introduction of EERO as being part of the group’s success. Ongoing training webinars, and streamlining the group’s logistics all helped in reaching this new plateau. 

 “Our members have different territorial sizes, but they all have a strong commitment to the market,” Fischer said. “They have been in business for decades and share the same commitment to training, instruction, and developing a strong knowledge base of the future of the custom installation industry. We only have lines from very solid and financially reliable companies; the vetting process is fierce. Strong financials, reliable products, superior distribution set up, service, and training, have all lead to Catalyst AV success.”

Helge Fischer

“We are the leading source for system design and first tier tech support in the networking category,” said Easy Access Distribution Company owner/president and Catalyst AV board member Steve Presti. “We focus on three tiers of opportunity: legacy products, IoT, and light commercial. Utilizing ongoing training, we demystify how these products integrate together and how to increase your bottom line with new technologies. New product introductions create great opportunities for growth and profitability and continue to be a major focus. On-site system design and first-tier technical support makes us the one-stop shop for everything integrators need in a challenging technical environment.”

Catalyst AV branded wire and cable, Rapid Mounts, and Lyric speakers are three brands the team are particularly proud of that offer the dealer/integrator great value. “Due to the size of the Catalyst AV network, we have been able to develop products and lines that have created great value and profitability for the custom integrator, while outperforming industry standards,” Fischler said.

Steve PrestiMarketing in 2016 was another factor that contributed to Catalyst’s growth, according to the group. “Catalyst AV’s marketing approach for 2016 built upon the existing vision and values held by each of its members,” said Catalyst AV board member and Pioneer Music Company owner, Dan Haight. “Our success came from boasting our commitment to the custom integration channel, and advertising our unique ability to satisfy its needs. Basing everything on customer service, Catalyst AV spent the past year perfecting our ability to do this, and molded our marketing approach to complement our customers’ business model. The more we understand and identify opportunities to grow our customers’ business, the more we can focus our own strategies to make that happen. Our consistency in upholding our mission, while remaining cutting-edge in our ability to communicate it, will undoubtedly carry us forward into an even better 2017.”