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CEA Leads by Example with Pro-Environmental Policy

Arlington, VA — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is expanding its formal telework policy to include all full-time employees and encourage staff to spend four days in the office and work one day each week from home.

Gary Shapiro, CEA president and CEO of the trade association, made the announcement at CEA headquarters during a luncheon with Virginia governor Tim Kaine and his cabinet and the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC).

“Given the increasing concerns over climate change, CEA is taking a leadership role to help protect Virginia’s environment,” Shapiro said. “It is fitting that the association representing the technology products that make telework possible institutes a robust telecommuting policy for all of its employees.”

CEA’s new policy will help reduce congestion in Northern Virginia and decrease our employee’s carbon footprint. For example, a CEA employee living in Sterling, Virginia, who takes part in this program, would be off the road 2,080 miles a year, saving 52 hours in commute time while decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by 1,470 lbs. a year. A CEA commissioned study found one day of telecommuting saves the equivalent of up to 12 hours of an average household’s electricity use.

The new benefit supplements other pro-environment CEA policies including a $25,000 forgivable three-year loan to assist with the purchase of a home close to its Arlington headquarters, a $115 per month metro subsidy to further the use of mass transit and facilitating walking or biking to work through on-site locker rooms. Through its variety of employee benefits, CEA strives to not only instill a better work/life balance, but also incorporate benefits that help society in general.

“Workers in the DC metro region continue to list commuting as one of their top challenges,” said Annemarie Ramirez, senior vice president of human resources at CEA. “We have studied the successes of federal agencies in our area that have instituted telework policies and see the bottom-line benefits for both employees and employers. By instituting this benefit for all our employees, including full-time hourly staff, we not only increase the flexibility of working at CEA but also help our employees save on gasoline and other commuting costs.”