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CEA Urges FCC to Deny Cable Company’s Waiver Request

Citing a potential halt to competition in the navigation device market, CEA has petitioned the FCC to deny Charter Communications' common reliance waiver request.

Arlington, VA–The following statement was recently issued by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) president and CEO Gary Shapiro regarding CEA’s comments recently filed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). CEA details why Charter Communications’ request for waiver of common reliance on separate security functions in cable and consumer electronics devices should be denied:

“Charter’s request for a waiver of the FCC’s rules is part of the cable industry’s relentless campaign to keep Americans chained to their cable-mandated set-top boxes.

As ordered by Congress, the FCC is required to allow competitive entry into the navigation device market. This will result in a proliferation of exciting new products that Americans can buy at retail and use with their cable service. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has twice upheld the FCC’s discretion in carrying out its own rules to assure the competitive availability of devices.

We continue to support the Commission and urge it to do the right thing for competition and consumers by denying Charter’s request.”

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