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CEDIA Credit Increases for H-P Products Course

H-P Products is the first manufacturer to become both VDTA (Vaccum Dealers Trade Association) and CEDIA certified with their "Proper Installation of Central Vacuum Systems" course.

Louisville, Ohio–H-P Products is the first manufacturer to become both VDTA (Vaccum Dealers Trade Association) and CEDIA certified with their “Proper Installation of Central Vacuum Systems” course. In the fall of 2005, H-P Products was named as the CEDIA CEU provider for central vac installation, providing participants with the opportunity to earn two CEU credits. Since then, H-P Products’ program has been upgraded to now be worth 2.5 CEU credits.

H-P Products, manufacturer of Dirt Devil and VACUFLO central vacuum systems, provides their installers with all of the training and support necessary to become a professional and qualified central vac installer. Now, with both VDTA and CEDIA Certification, H-P Products is able to further increase awareness about the ease-of-installation and the benefits of being able to install a system to integrators.

During the installation course, spread over two levels, H-P Products field trainer, Chris Slackford, walks installers through a detailed and user-friendly program – teaching students how to properly install a system while maximizing time and profit potential. Through the first level, the trainer leads students through a classroom seminar, detailing central vacuum systems and installation practices. With hands-on exercises and demonstrations, the course explains exactly how a central vacuum system is installed in a home (new construction or retrofit) and why it is beneficial to the end-user.

For Level 2, the trainer arranges to have the student work with him on an actual central vac installation in a home. This comprehensive training takes the installers through the entire process, expounding on each step as they go. Following the installation, the student is asked to complete an exam to earn the credit needed to become either CEDIA or VDTA Certified for central vac installation.

Along with technical support, personal assistance and education programs, H-P Products also offers online resources and manuals from which installers can gain additional information. From planning the layout of the system to tools-of-the-trade, the manuals contain all necessary information and guidance for installers.

Current field trainer Chris Slackford is dedicated to traveling all over the country to help dealers and installers maximize their installation efficiency and profit margins. Some of the benefits that H-P Products installers gain from the training include: increased overall satisfaction of the product; minimal service calls to the dealer; and a higher volume of recommendations for both the dealer/installer and the product.

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