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CEDIA Distributor Action Team Picks Chairperson

Industry veteran Glen O'Brien appointed as team seeks to establish custom distributors' key role in the CEDIA channel.

Seattle, WA — Consumer electronics industry veteran Glen O’Brien was recently appointed CEDIA Distributor Action Team chairperson. O’Brien is principal of both west coast-based custom distribution company Electronic Stockroom and independent sales representative firm Novidor & Firestone.

For the last five years O’Brien has served as vice president of The EDGE Distributors Group — a group currently consisting of 15 independently owned regional distributors that primarily serve electronic systems contractors and specialty retailers.

CEDIA put the Distributor Action Team (DAT) in place in early 2008 under the leadership of associate council chair Andrew Ard, principal of Texas-based KA Marketing. Led by O’Brien and co-chair David Ellis of ADI, the DAT consists of 10 members, each of distribution companies that serve the custom and/or mainstream audio/video markets.

According to Ard, the DAT grants a forum for distributors to address topics and issues and ultimately provides a recognized voice for distributors in the CEDIA channel, and to add support to the CEDIA board of directors in the CEDIA strategic plan. O’Brien is the first in the DAT chair role.

O’Brien says that he and the other members of the team have set a goal of establishing distributors’ key role in the CEDIA channel. “We seek to embed distributors’ education efforts, practices and profiles into the CEDIA universe,” he explained.

Ard added: “This provides both a voice and input for a very key role of distributors in the CEDIA channel while at the same time demonstrating CEDIA’s leadership in creating the only forum of its kind in our industry.”