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CEDIA EXPO Preview: Sunfire, Core Brands Launch Subwoofers

Core Brands will launch the latest subwoofer line from its Sunfire luxury subwoofer and home theater audio brand at CEDIA EXPO next month.

Home automation, entertainment, and control technology manufacturer, Core Brands will launch the latest subwoofer line from its Sunfire luxury subwoofer and home theater audio brand at CEDIA EXPO next month. The new XTEQ Subwoofers leverage new technologies and patents to deliver the most powerful, clearest bass from the smallest enclosures in the industry. The official announcement will be made at CEDIA EXPO 2014 in Core Brands booth #350 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO.

Responding to consumer trends toward smaller, more powerful home theater subwoofers, the new XTEQ series offers integrators and consumers an unprecedented combination of incredible sound quality and small form factors that are ideal for any home theater or media room. The line includes three models that produce up to 3000W of crystal clear bass from 16-100Hz using diametrically opposing drivers, one active and one passive radiator. The 8-inch XTEQ8, 10-inch XTEQ10 and 12-inch XTEQ12 are housed in enclosures barely bigger than the size of the woofer diameter, with the XTEQ12 measuring just 13.5”(W)x 13.5”(H) x 13.5”(D).

According to Core Brands audio marketing manager Matt Dever, “Sunfire’s heritage is all about creating the foundation for an amazing home theater experience. The XTEQ series builds upon the advances pioneered with the Sunfire Atmos and TSEQ series subs. We pack more power and punch into a smaller subwoofer than any other manufacturer, and combine it with the innovation and superior performance that today’s luxury consumers demand.”

The Sunfire XTEQ8, XTEQ10 and XTEQ12 subwoofers will retail for $1,500, $1,750 and $2,000, respectively. Each model leverages Sunfire’s exclusive Tracking Downconverter amplifier design. The drivers all feature the latest improvements of Sunfire’s renowned High Back-emf design, and to best accommodate the longer ‘throw’ of the XTEQ woofers, all feature Sunfire’s unique Asymmetrical Cardioid Surround design. The subs also leverage the latest in Sunfire’s auto equalization technology to tailor the subwoofer output to compensate for any room’s acoustic anomalies. Each model is built to be used in both 110-volt and 230-volt installations.

Premium audiophile features include multiple turn-on options (auto audio sensing and 12 volt trigger activation), plus soft-clipping amplification, anti-walking treads, variable crossover and phase control. The XTEQ subwoofers include RCA line in/line out and slave connections making it easy to pair two subwoofers, with XLR connectors for pro applications. Integrators can perfect and dial in the sound for any room through continuously variable frequency and phase adjustments for both the low pass and high pass crossovers.

The new XTEQ line will ship in Fall 2014.