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Centronics Launches 4×4 Matrix System

Centronics’ new Elite HD-branded HSMX Series 4×4 HDMI matrix system for HDMI over Cat-5 or Cat-6 is now shipping and has an MSRP of $1,199.99.

“Our new HSMX Series is a true 4×4 matrix system,” Centronics general manager, Tony Pelura explained. “A 4 x HDMI to 4 x Cat-5 matrix extender allows HDTV to be displayed up to 150 feet away from the matrix unit using two Cat-5 cables. The 4×4 matrix eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect sources to different displays.”

Centronics‘ new EHD-branded HSMX-CB and HSMX-WP comes with IR extenders, discrete IR remote controls, and four HDMI to Cat-5/6 converters via stand only boxes (HSMX-CB) or wall plates (HSMX-WP).

Additional specs of the Elite HD-branded HSMX Series include:
• Switches easily between any four HDMI sources
• Distributes any of the four inputs to any single or any combination of the four Cat-5 output displays
• Maintains resolutions up to 1080p
• HDMI 1.3 and HDCP compliant

“The HSMX Series is just the latest Centronics and EHD innovation, continuing our trend of leading the way with new and useful tools for our customers’ installations,” Pelura concluded.

EHD is a line of HD products branded by Centronics Inc.

Pricing and specs are subject to change without notice.