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@CES: SIM2’s HT5000E Three-Chip Projector

Las Vegas, NV — SIM2 has introduced the next evolution of its flagship Grand Cinema HT5000E, an ultra-high end, high light output projector, designed for the screening rooms of home theater enthusiasts.

The HT5000E uses the very latest DLP chipsets from Texas Instruments, namely three 0.95-inch DarkChip4 DMDs (Digital Micro-mirror Device) to generate a picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p) creating crystal-clear, uncompressed HDTV images.

SIM2 is also offering VIP ‘white glove’ service to every HT5000E customer. Within two weeks of the projector’s installation, the dealer will coordinate a site visit from a SIM2 technician, who will certify the installation and make any final technical adjustments as required to calibrate the projector precisely to the customer’s own system requirements.

“The HT5000E is a true state-of-the-art product. We feel that it is absolutely necessary that every owner feels secure in the knowledge that they have not only purchased the best product, but that the performance has been personally certified for each particular application. This personal service truly separates SIM2 from the competition,” said Charlie Boornazian, SIM2 USA’s vice president of sales and marketing. “This attention to detail is unmatched in the industry, consolidating SIM2’s position as the leader in large screen high quality home theater projection.”

SIM2 offers six high quality lens options that make the HT5000E suitable for almost any home theater installation. A dedicated 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connector is fitted as standard, allowing the product to be connected to a LAN network or to the Internet. This network connection can be used to remotely control the projector using TCP/IP commands or to feedback projector operating status information such as: serial number, working hours and firmware version to a designated e-mail address for assessment.

HT5000E will be available in January 2009 for a suggested retail price of $57,995.00.