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Chief Manufacturing’s Power Management Line

Minneapolis, MN — Chief Manufacturing, which is better known for its projector, monitor, and flat-panel TV mounting solutions, is shipping a new line of power management products that are built into accessories used for installing projectors and flat panels.

Chief’s design integrates the power conditioner with the outlet for improved audio and video performance while seamlessly integrating with an installation. Chief also hopes to save installation time by preassembling the outlet and electrical box to ensure protection for all audiovisual equipment.

Dealers may choose from a variety of power-infused products that now include a power outlet conditioner, including the CMS440P Suspended Ceiling Kit, the CMS445P Suspended Ceiling Tile Replacement Kit (pictured), and the PAC521P In-Wall Box for flat-panel TV wall-mount applications. The ceiling kit and in-wall box accessories replace the need for an outlet while providing AC cleaning for the best equipment performance.

Chief also offers its PX2W Power Outlet Conditioner as a separate SKU. The PX2W can be ordered separately and be used with existing CMS440 and CMS445 installations, or installed in the wall like a standard electrical outlet.

Chief will add a new power accessory to the lineup in March 2009. The In-wall Power Extension System for flat-panel TV installations installs behind the flat panel, and connects remotely to an outlet or power conditioner.