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Chief’s In-Wall Power Extension System

Minneapolis, MN — Chief Manufacturing has released the new PB1 In-Wall Power Extension System, shipping April 2009.

The PB1 is a sleek solution for getting power where you need it, while managing cables and keeping them out of sight. For a clean installation, simply route cables in the wall from behind the flat panel display down to the floor level. Features include:

• Remote connection to outlet or power conditioner
• Power routing via 14 gage Romex wiring (not included)
• Integrated cable ports for low voltage wiring inside the wall
• Available in four colors (black, white, almond, ivory)

Chief offers a full line of power management options, including power-infused accessories that combine power and power conditioning with the mounting accessory. Choose from a variety of options including Power Outlet Conditioners like the CMS440P Suspended Ceiling Kit, the CMS445P Suspended Ceiling Tile Replacement Kit and the PAC521P In-Wall Box for flat panel TV wall mount applications.The ceiling kit and in-wall box accessories replace the need for an outlet while providing AC cleaning for the best equipment performance.

Chief also offers the power conditioner as a separate SKU, the PX2W Power Outlet Conditioner. The PX2W can be ordered separately and be used with existing CMS440 and CMS445 installations, or installed in the wall like a standard electrical outlet.