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CI Veterans Launch WyreStorm HDMI Line

Memphis, TN — Professional home AV integration dealers have a new option for high-quality, affordable HDMI products. The WyreStorm line of HDMI cables, matrixes, converters, and other products has been developed in conjunction with the technical staff at Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment, an award-winning systems integration firm based in Memphis, Tennessee.

The company’s initial product offering includes an 8×8 HDMI matrix that allows up to eight HDMI audio-video devices to be independently switched to eight HDMI monitors, HDTVs, or projectors. The eight outputs show the same or different source simultaneously, including HDCP.

“We’ve installed hundreds of systems and each time we’ve refused to compromise by using inadequate or substandard wiring and switching products. It hasn’t been easy but we know what our customers expect and we know how to exceed those expectations,” said Scott Fuelling, president of Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment, and co-founder of WyreStorm. “Now through WyreStorm, we can simplify the choices by giving our consumers a high-quality, high-performance product they can trust at a reasonable price.”

WyreStorm offers a complete line of high-performance AV cables, switches, extenders, splitters, adapters, converters — including DVI-component video to HDMI converters and HDMI matrixes. The line also offers many UTP Cat-5e distribution hardware options, allowing high-quality HDMI signal distribution throughout homes. Special dealer programs are available to qualified applicants.

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