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Cirrus Logic Delivers Single-Chip Audio Processor

The CS49700 Audio DSP supports major Dolby, DTS audio standards, and interconnectivity requirements in a single integrated circuit.

Austin, TX–Cirrus Logic Inc. has introduced a single-chip audio processor, the CS49700, designed to meet the demanding processing tasks associated with supporting the next-generation HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc DVD high-definition DVD formats. Available now in volume production, the CS49700 enables mass-market home theater products, such as audio/video receivers, combination high-definition DVD players and receivers and Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD players, at all price points.

Today’s DVD standard calls for chips that support two primary audio decode surround-sound standards, Dolby Digital and DTS standards. For next-generation Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, audio processor ICs must support up to six surround-sound audio algorithms, including Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS Master and DTS High Resolution, any of which may be featured within high-definition DVD disc media. The CS49700 supports each of these audio formats and is designed for home theater products such as mid- and low-tier.

With its 32-bit, dual-core structure, the CS49700 generates true parallel processing power of 1.8 giga operations per second (300 million instructions per second). The CS49700’s hardware design and software features, including firmware, are optimized for audio processing, which provides a more efficient chip solution that requires less memory and reduced overall processing power compared to many general purpose DSPs.

“While early generations of high-definition DVD equipment often rely on two or more DSP processors, Cirrus Logic has delivered a single-chip solution that is available today and meets all of the complex audio requirements of Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, said Keith Cheney, vice president and general manager, Embedded Products Division, Cirrus Logic. “Through Cirrus Logic’s audio focus, we have delivered to manufacturers a full-featured but cost-effective IC solution that will speed the introduction of new products and give consumers an amazing audio experience that matches the high-resolution video.

The CS49700 also offers such post-processing algorithms as Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS 96/24, Neo:6, MPEG, AAC, SRS Circle Surround II, Dolby Headphone, Dolby Virtual Speaker, SRS Tru-Surround XT and THX Ultra2, which are built into the IC’s on-chip ROM.

The CS49700 also provides support for the HDMI 1.3 interface, the emerging digital audio and video interconnect standard that is used to send digital audio and video signals among home theater equipment, such as A/V receivers, DVD players and flat-panel televisions.

Pricing and Availability
The CS49700 is currently in volume production and is available in a 144-pin LQFP priced at $7.50 in 100,000 quantities.

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