Clare Controls Launches Direct-to-Customer Hotline

Dedicated Consumer Support Team Provides Customers With System and ‘How-To’ Guidance
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As part of its efforts to give customers the best possible experience, Clare Controls has created a direct-to-customer support hotline dedicated to consumers for Tier 1 support-related questions. ClareCare provides systems guidance and answers consumers’ questions regarding their system, the app, and basic troubleshooting.

“Clare prides itself on delivering a consistent user experience to every homeowner. We empower customers to make adjustments to their systems on their own,” said Brett Price, CEO, Clare Controls. “By adding the direct-to-customer support hotline, we can support, guide, and address their questions or concerns, while educating them about their system on a more personal level. This will subsequently make them feel comfortable to do even more with their system.” 

ClareCare provides “how-to” support for creating a ClareHome Premium account, connecting to the Clare system from the app, creating scenes, schedules, notifications, as well as assistance adding supported auto-discover devices to the ClareHome System.

ClareCare also provides support for basic app operation and troubleshooting for multiroom audio, entertainment, security UI, thermostat UI, virtual keypads, lighting controls, including ClareVue lighting controls, CCTV cameras, the ClareVision App, and Clare Anywhere.

ClareCare is a separate service in addition to Clare’s technical support for authorized dealers. ClareCare provides a way for end users to ask questions and learn how to maximize their use of the Clare smart home system.

The ClareCare service is included at no cost and no registration is necessary for the consumer. Clare authorized installers can speak with their Clare representative for more information.