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Colorado vNet Appoints Director of Marketing, Product Management

Loveland, CO — Colorado vNet has appointed Scott Stephenson as its new director of marketing and product management. In this role, he will manage product management, marketing communications, and integrator training.

Having been a product manager for the company for more than two years, Stephenson has worked to launch the Colorado vNet Wireless Lighting & Control System, integrated home system applications such as the CCTV and Weather Applications, and the new VibeT Video System, among other key projects.

Stephenson brings more than 19 years of experience in hardware and software product management and business-to-business marketing. Prior to joining Colorado vNet, Stephenson served as director of sales and marketing for Timbre Software Inc., a provider of portable software for builders and contractors and as director of marketing for ETC, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer.

“Having long respected Scott’s product management abilities, I’m confident he will perform exceptionally in this expanded role,” said CEO, Bill Beierwaltes. “He brings significant experience and valuable insight to two key functions of our business—developing innovative home automation and digital entertainment solutions based on market needs, and then disseminating that message to the industry.”