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Consultant Launches Sales and Marketing Venture for Dealers

Best Practices' program to help home-service companies operate more profitably.

Hudson, WI–An industry business consultancy, called Best Practices Inc., has launched a strategic sales and marketing venture to help home-service companies operate more profitably.

Led by 20-year industry veteran Michael Benedict, Best Practices serves all major home-service industries including alarm, HVAC, home theater and sound, automation, drapery and carpeting, plumbing and electrical companies, and associated manufacturers.

Only a handful of companies take advantage of best practices in their service industries, Benedict said. The rest do what everyone else does, and those companies just blend in with the crowd. Our customers are residential installation companies that want to stand out and earn a greater share of the marketand manufacturers who want a strategic partner in sales and marketing.

Familiar to the custom electronics industry as the director of the GE Security Pro program and as the creator of the Security Pro Dealer Web Network, Benedict has garnered awards that recognize innovation in business development, customer retention, increased share of market, branding, networking and profitability.

Our concept of strategic marketing is to do what nobody else is doing, Benedict said. We find ways to distinguish companies and uncover opportunities that place them foremost in the minds of customers. Because best practices bring about the greatest change in the shortest amount of time, they also have the most immediate impact on profitability, Benedict added.

Benedict started in sales management and rose to the executive ranks at Interlogix after developing the Security Pro program. He has since jump-started development of a systems integrator program with GE.

In some ways industry consolidation in the home-service sector has outrun its own ability to stay in touch with its customers, Benedict said. Best Practices is a three-way bridge linking manufacturers, installing companies and their customers to improve profitability through improved communication.

Best Practices, Inc. supports organizations in the alarm, HVAC, network electronics, home control, and home improvement fields with solutions for increased profitability via branding, funding, market research, public relations, packaging, social/causal marketing, strategic communications, professional speaking, and internet communications. Contact Best Practices at 715.549.6044,, or [email protected].