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Control4 and GridPoint Collaborate on Smart Power Grid Systems

San Diego, CA — Control4 is working with GridPoint Inc. to provide seamless integration between smart home energy management devices and utility smart grid systems.

The recently introduced Control4 Home Energy Manager, among the first complete solutions for the home area network, will provide consumers with the ability to easily control their lighting, thermostat, sprinklers, electronic shut-offs and other features through a single in-home display. Control4’s thermostat and in-home display will be integrated in the GridPoint Platform, a software infrastructure that enables electric utilities to integrate, aggregate, and control a heterogeneous landscape of devices to deliver energy efficiency, load management, renewable energy management, energy storage management, and electric vehicle management solutions.

The strategic relationship will provide utilities with superior energy efficiency and load management solutions that will enable them to reduce load during peak periods in concert with their customers’ energy usage preferences. Control4 provides real-time information and control within an individual home at the home area network level, while GridPoint’s technology aggregates this functionality across all homes to provide utilities with an intelligent network to efficiently balance supply and demand within their service territory. Additionally, the collaboration will provide consumers with advanced energy management, including the ability to create an energy profile online to automatically manage energy according to their consumption and budget goals.

The Control4 platform is based on standard technologies such as ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Ethernet to facilitate interoperability and integration between the Control4 platform and leading consumer electronic products for home theater control, multi-room music, smart lighting, temperature control, and security. The Control4 Home Energy Manager solutions will be included in a number of test trials in 2009.

“With GridPoint, the Control4 solution will extend beyond providing consumers with the ability to manage their energy. It will allow them to participate in the development of a cleaner, more efficient electric grid,which benefits their community and the environment,” said Will West, CEO of Control4.

GridPoint is working with utilities nationwide including Xcel Energy, Austin Energy, and Duke Energy to modernize the electricity grid.