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Control4 Introduces New Smart Skills e-Learning Training Modules

Control4 Corporation has unveiled Smart Skills, a new technical training resource for Control4 dealers that supplements its existing training and certification programs.

Control4 Corporation has unveiled Smart Skills, a new technical training resource for Control4 dealers that supplements its existing training and certification programs. Smart Skills are short videos-typically less than 3 minutes-that demonstrate how to master specific installation configurations, program unique scenes and perform singular tasks using the Control4 platform.

The vast number of lifestyle experiences that Control4 dealers can create with Control4 extends far beyond what can be absorbed in basic certification courses. Smart Skills gives Control4 technicians and integrators a path for learning how to do more with the Control4 platform. With just the initial library of topics, integrators can learn how to automate a gas fireplace, integrate a ZigBee door lock, enable alerts to a home owner’s mobile device, or do more advanced programming with custom variables.

“Control4 Training is always looking for better ways to help Control4 certified technicians succeed in their careers. Our dealers depend on us for this,” said Rus Rasmussen, director of training. “Smart Skills are our latest innovation toward that goal. With this new format, we can provide ongoing additions and updates to supplement the standard certification curriculum,” said Rasmussen. 

The Smart Skills library launches today, with more than 15 videos in a variety of categories including lighting, entertainment, comfort & convenience, safety & security, and networking. Included in the Networking category is a course specific to the Pakedge Router. Control4 plans to expand the library with additional training modules each month.

The Smart Skills series is available to employees of authorized Control4 Dealers and is designed to enhance the skill and proficiency of technicians installing Control4-in turn, delivering more personalized experiences to clients. Dealerships simply need to create a user login for each employee in the Control4 Dealer Portal.