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Convergent Living Closes Doors

Golden, CO — The U.S. recession has claimed another company in the custom installation business. Convergent Living, manufacturer of control products, such at the Companion and AutoMate, notified sales reps over the weekend that it was closing its doors “after many years of business.”

The e-mail added, “We did strive to offer the finest control solutions at affordable prices but the global economy has taken its toll on us. Thank you for your support and business and we wish everyone good luck in these challenging times.”

Additionally, the e-mail included warranty and support on the hardware. For the C8, C15, and Muse, dealer and reps were encouraged to contact Michelle Yeh at DTResearch, California (408.934.6155; [email protected]).

Information was not yet available on warranty/repair of the NEO8, NEO15, or how to buy these platforms with XPe or WinCE for HAI snaplink or other uses. For the Gatekeeper, 3M screens can be bought from Scansource in the U.S.