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Conversagent Launches Online Panasonic Service Tool

Conversagent has launched AskPanasonic, a self-service software application to answer plasma-related questions, at

New York, NY–Conversagent, a developer of online customer service software solutions, has launched AskPanasonic an Automated Service Agent for Panasonic Corporation of North America.

AskPanasonic will support Panasonics U.S. plasma TV marketing initiative, and is the first self-service application of its kind in the consumer electronics industry. Available at, AskPanasonic engages customers in typed natural language conversations and delivers immediate answers to customers questions in real time.

AskPanasonic has been designed to help eliminate customer confusion and apprehension by helping them make more informed decisions when purchasing plasmas, and assisting with post-purchase questions regarding installation and operation of the new display technology.

At Panasonic we are committed to delivering the optimal plasma TV purchase and viewing experience to our customers. AskPanasonic gives consumers the fastest and most direct access to our vast store of product information, whether to help them make informed purchase decisions or get the most out of the Panasonic plasma products they purchase, stated Bob Greenberg, vice president of Panasonic Corporation of North Americas Brand Marketing Group.

Over the last few years there have been major advances in plasma display technology. Navigating the marketplace and making an informed decision can be a challenge for the consumer, continued Stephen Klein, CEO of Conversagent. Panasonic has taken an innovative step by using the companys depth of knowledge to empower and create a relationship with the customer before and after the purchase is made.