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Crestron Adds Proximity Sensor, Remotes, Audio

New products in home automation, multiroom audio, lighting, shades.

Crestron put much of its promotional effort at the CEDIA Expo on its Pyng app, which simplifies home-automation setup, but the company also came to the CEDIA EXPO with other new products in home automation, multiroom audio, lighting, and shades.

Crestron ambassador Jeff Singer with the company’s Pyng home-automation setup app. (Photo by John Staley)

The company updated its AirPlay streamer to add native music-streaming services, with Sirius XM to start; launched a second multiroom-audio amp/matrix switcher in its mid-price series; and unveiled new handheld and tabletop home-automation remotes.

The company also introduced its Bluetooth-equipped PinPoint proximity sensor, said to be a first in the home-automation industry. Each Pinpoint sensor is about the size of a matchbox and plugs into an electrical outlet. They use Bluetooth to detect when a user walks into a room with a Bluetooth-equipped mobile device.

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