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CUK Group Partners with Intrinsic Dev

Collaboration aims to enhance CUK Group's support and training services.

CUK Group + Intrinsic Dev

CUK Group, the rapidly growing distributor specializing in custom installation and residential AV products in the U.K. and Ireland, has announced its partnership with Intrinsic Dev. This collaboration aims to enhance CUK Group’s support and training services, ensuring top-notch training and assistance for Nice/ELAN smart home automation solutions.

Founded and operated by professionals with first-hand experience in the custom installation industry, Intrinsic Dev write, sell, and support drivers for the leading control platforms that enable seamless integration of products for installers. “With an extensive knowledge of Nice/ELAN, including its history of providing training and support for the brand and its involvement as key developers of Nice/ELAN drivers, Intrinsic Dev is the perfect partner,” says Stuart Thomson, MD of CUK Group.

Thomson further explains that CUK Group is eager to expand the capabilities of the Nice/ELAN ecosystem in commercial AV applications. Consequently, the partnership will involve developing drivers that facilitate the effortless deployment of Nice/ELAN in various commercial settings.

Sam Breen, director at Intrinsic Dev, reveals that, “Delivering training sessions and supporting the wider CUK Group customer base and tech support team is also beneficial for Intrinsic Dev.  As we continue to grow, it is key for us that we stay close to the market; partnering with CUK Group provides an excellent opportunity to achieve that goal and I can’t wait to get started.”

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